In the past, all transactional programming was done using cobol (a computer programming language). large mainframes existed in datacentres and data was sent either via mag tapes, dial up and eventually ISDN. Customer data was sent as raw data files or print files which meant that the code had to be stripped out. Using composition software, the form was designed, the variable data was coded onto the form before anything that remotely resembled a bill or payslip could be printed. Jump forward 20+ years and data can be sent in pretty much any format you can think of and document composition is done using sophisticated composition platforms which merges data and design layout whilst adding variable personalised data in one pass. Traditional transactional print was produced by litho printing the base stock – invoice, statement, payslips and then the variable/personalised information was laser printed in black. It was more cost effective for the large corporate generators of bills and statements predominantly mobile, utility and service providers.Continue Reading
Production Service Agency
In every business across all industries we know it can be tough to win new customers. And that’s just part of the problem because once you get customers you’ve then go to hold on to them. So who’s been stealing your customers? And how can you win them back? 5 quick steps to win-back your customers: 1. Talk to them. Yes WE KNOW this is obvious. But honestly, have you tried talking to your customers? The art of that little thing known as communication. It’s important. And it’s a two-way thing. It’s not enough to simply send out emails and tick a box. It’s important to listen. Why are your customers leaving? Are they moving to a competitor? Or substituting your product or service for something else. Start to communicate. Really communicate. And understand what the issues are & why people are migrating. When you’re armed with this information you can then start to strategise.Continue Reading
Adding a little bit of magic The Irish Fairy Door Company has been a great Irish business success story of late & it’s been exciting to watch this business grow. At Azure Communications it’s been a great privilege to be able to brainstorm behind the scenes and work on some of their more recent innovations. First we got involved with personalized books and more recently we’ve worked on a jigsaw that “comes to life” using the power of Augmented reality technology. The Irish fairy door company is creating a wonderful sense of magic & make-believe amongst the youngest in our society and we felt that these very young consumers could be brought one step further in fueling their imagination. Our creative team at Azure brainstormed a number of ideas and finally settled on an integration of augmented reality with a traditional toy; the jigsaw. We presented this idea to the business which was very well received.Continue Reading