Direct Mail

Print, insert, pack, stack and send


Print – Direct Mail
You name it; Azure Communications can produce it, either by colour offset or digital colour incorporating variable and personal data.

Insert – Mail House Distribution
Azure Communications have intelligent mail inserting machines (capable of inserting into DL, C5 or C4 envelopes) and a poly wrapping machine (capable of wrapping magazines, brochures, multiple inserts; together with a personalised name and address carrier sheet ready for mailing).

Azure Communications we can postaim sort items or use bulk discounts to maximise Ireland Postal discounts. Being a Mail House Partner, Azure Communications have a twice-daily pickup service with An Post as an expeditious solution.

Pack & Stack – Warehousing, Pick & Pack
Azure Communications  provide an online (secure access) portal to service our customers where they can order and/or verify stock held in our warehouse, which instigates the Pick & Pack service with a high degree of automation including order history and track and trace.

Send – Distribution
Azure Communications have access to a group of proven suppliers for the distribution of letters, parcels and bulk deliveries together with a track and trace systems.

Information and Security Management System
Our Information and Security Management System assures our customers that their data security requirements are being met at all times.

We treat information security as a priority in our business and can demonstrate reliability and trust around the management of your data. We have the ability to reassure stakeholders that a best practice system is in place.

The commitment to information security is shown at all levels throughout our organisation through a robust training system in place for all personnel.

We are delighted to have achieved the ISO 27001 information security standard accreditation. The ISO 270001 standard will give our customers the confidence that we treat data security seriously, putting in systems and processes to guard against the risk of security breaches or misuse of data.