4 Ways to Personalise Your Direct Mail Campaign

4 Ways to Personalise Your Direct Mail Campaign

According to the DMA, personalised direct mail has a 6.5% response rate; while non-personalised pieces, only 2%.


1.   Add a Name to the Headline


Research shows that by adding a person’s name (and some colour) in the direct mail piece, it can increase the response rate by as much as 135%. By adding even more variable data information, you could increase the response rate by up to 500% vs. not including any personalization at all.

2.  Personalise Your Images

Research shows that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Be sure to match the images in your direct mail message with the audience you’re sending it to. For example, if you are sending an insurance campaign, you can adapt the imagery of your mail piece to the demographics of each segmented group.

3. Use Previous Interactions to Personalise

You can use information about their previous interactions with your organisation to personalise the offer you send them. 

One option is to recommend products or services that are compatible with products or services they have already purchased with you. If you offer a service or product which needs to be renewed, you may also send a personalised mail piece during the renewal period.

4. Include QR Codes and Personalised Landing Pages (PURLs)


Two of the most popular ways of adding a digital element to your direct mail piece are QR codes and personalized URLs (PURLs).

PURLs are effective because you can use the customer’s name in the URL; however they have to manually type the address into their browser. With QR code your audience can simply scan the code with a smartphone camera to access the corresponding web page.


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