5 ways to boost loyalty with customer communication

5 ways to boost loyalty with customer communication

Meet the needs of your less loyal consumers

More options = less customer loyalty

The Internet has changed consumers’ experience.

While it helped customers to be better informed about their options, it also made them less loyal to specific brands.

To solve this issue, businesses need to improve the quality of their customer communication. This makes them more competitive and profitable, by building customer loyalty.

1. Millennials are here
Millennials have a different relationship with technology and social media. They are always connected and generally prefer communicating with brands online than through other methods. At the same time, they expect fast responses to any issues or questions they have.

Boos loyalty with a consistent consumer experience

To meet their expectations, businesses need to have mobile-enabled, multi-channel customer support.

2. Every communication counts

Every interaction, be it online or offline, is a chance to improve your relationship with your clients.

Not meeting each interaction with the correct level of care, personalisation, and interest can lead to customers leaving your company and sharing their bad experiences on social media, which can damage your brand reputation.

3. Take part in customer conversation

The Internet era asks for consistent brand experience across all channels.

Customer service and Communications teams need to work together, to ensure the customer experience is smooth. Teams need to share information about the customer and previous conversations, providing a single brand experience.

4. Create an Engaged Community

Use social media channels to build a community around your brand.

Share posts, comments, articles, videos, and images; while interacting with people. Hold contests and have giveaways and offer rewards to your most loyal customers.

Take part in conversations happening at any time and don’t be afraid to be personal and funny.

5. Encourage feedback

One of the best ways of increasing your brand’s authority and credibility is showing positive feedback.

Constructive criticism can be complicated. But it’s important for useful feedback and to prevent angry reviews or social media posts. Just make sure to act on it!