Adding a little bit of Magic

Adding a little bit of Magic


Adding a little bit of magic

The Irish Fairy Door Company has been a great Irish business success story of late & it’s been exciting to watch this business grow.

At Azure Communications it’s been a great privilege to be able to brainstorm behind the scenes and work on some of their more recent innovations. First we got involved with personalized books and more recently we’ve worked on a jigsaw that “comes to life” using the power of Augmented reality technology.

The Irish fairy door company is creating a wonderful sense of magic & make-believe amongst the youngest in our society and we felt that these very young consumers could be brought one step further in fueling their imagination.

Our creative team at Azure brainstormed a number of ideas and finally settled on an integration of augmented reality with a traditional toy; the jigsaw. We presented this idea to the business which was very well received.

The Process

With all projects we work in we work very closely with the client team to ensure we deliver in full & on-time.

For this Irish Fairy Door project the implementation involved;

  • We engaged with the Creative team and agreed that the “Mushroom house” would be magical for the child if it could be viewable in 360degree with a tablet or smartphone device.
  • We agreed the jigsaw should be designed as 25 piece and a die was made.
  • Next was the animation of the “Mushroom house”. We animated this from artwork supplied from Fairy Door creative
  • Once the animated assets was signed off, we began the Augmentation of the animation
  • We worked with our App partner to build an AR viewer that could work seamlessly with the existing Fairy Door app (this App has since been rebuilt by Azure).
  • We printed the jigsaw lithographically & then mounted it onto .040 board before die-cutting.
  • Outer box lids and base were done simultaneously, die cut and made up.
  • The jigsaws were each broken down into their individual components, bagged and inserted into boxes.

When the fairy dust had settled

Once the project was complete the Irish Fairy Door Company got on with the harder task of promoting the new product to their loyal followers & young fans. It was very well received and contributed well to their business goals. Overall, this was a great way for the business to differentiate its offering and deliver value-add products to their existing consumers.

For us at Azure it was great to be able to combine two of our core skills; print and technology. When combined, printed media & augmented can have a really powerful effect.

What are you planning for your next online campaign? Is there a way to combine the power of printed media together with technology to achieve a better result?

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