Businesses can use postcard marketing to create great effect, spreading a cost effective message far and wide. Here are some of the main reasons to use postcards in your marketing mix: 1- Instant impact Postcards don’t need opening to be read, your recipient will see your message just by picking
1. Be present Social media is the perfect space to keep your customers updated and engaged with your business. Whether you’re preparing for reopening or already back to business, giving your community updates and keeping in touch, helps them to feel reassured and valued.  2. Understand your data Analytics tools
Working from home can boost productivity; increase turnover and lower organizational costs for employers, while staff enjoys benefits like flexibility and the lack of a commute. A recent survey by Wire found that 53% of businesses had seen unchanged or increased productivity since lockdown restrictions forced employees to work from
Is your organisation preparing for reopening and reconnecting with customers? With the support of Azure Communications, now is the perfect time to do so with direct mail. In order to cut through the digital noise, many organisations across different industries are now using direct mail and door drops as a way of  keeping in-touch with
As people try to keep in contact with loved ones and stay stocked up on essentials, postal workers and parcel deliverers are working hard to keep mail, letters and packages arriving at homes and businesses across the country. Recently, public health authorities around the world and in Ireland have noted