Personalisation gives you the ability to target individual customers using content that’s tailored just for them In the direct mail world, personalising pieces of mail can generate an ROI of up to 25% more than a general marketing message (Romax, 2018). Direct marketing personalisation is a customised, targeted printed message
Direct Mail
Simply follow our 6 steps below to achieve fantastic results from your direct mail campaigns. 1. Make sure you are using quality, clean data. Reviewing your mailing lists is essential to guarantee a good campaign. If people moved to a new home, changed their names, or modified their services, you
Leaflet marketing
Nine in ten people are happy to regularly receive leaflet marketing from retailers, according to study. Leaflet marketing can bring well designed, professionally printed leaflets to the door of your consumers, growing your brand voice and promoting your business or services. A study by the Royal Mail and FreshMinds revealed
Data Privacy Day
Data Privacy Day, which happens on January 28th, brings an opportunity to consider your own digital safety. Created to raise awareness of data security, the day is used to promote best practice for online privacy. What Should Consumers Do? Update Your Passwords When creating passwords, you should not use the
Brand management allows you to tell your clients who you are.
Top brands use strategic brand management to enhance their brand.  1. Highlight What Sets You Apart What sets you apart from your competitors? You should broadcast your unique selling point (USP) in a variety of channels. Post about your achievements and include an Awards section on your website. People want