How to boost your business during the Covid-19 outbreak

How to boost your business during the Covid-19 outbreak

Many companies and organizations are being affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, but it’s possible to use the current situation to boost your business. Here are some important tips:

1. Classify leads and customers ahead of time

It might not be the time to present your services to new leads. However, take this moment to improve your networking skills and to build a database of prospective customers.

This will ensure you have a pool of contacts to reach out when things have calmed down. And it also help you to boost your business.

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2. Adapt your services and products to the current situation

Get creative and think of different ways to market your products.

Is there a way your services could help companies and the general public during the lockdown? If so, contact the people you think could benefit from it and explain how your solution might make their lives easier now.

3. Advertise and market your solutions with the present moment in mind

Adapt your marketing to reflect how your product or service could be of additional use during the coronavirus crisis.

Also, it’s important to ensure your clients, partners and suppliers are informed of your current capabilities and whether or not your company is still fully operational.

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4. Use alternative solutions and processes to maintain daily operation.

If your company has not closed during the lockdown, you should consider different ways to keep operations as normal as possible.

You could let your employees work from home or in different schedules, automate processes, reduce costs where possible and brainstorm ways of how you could continue to operate and deliver services and products to your customers.

5. Identify the challenges to your business

A good starting to point to plan your business strategy is to brainstorm the possible challenges that your industry and company might face.

You should have plans and strategies for different scenarios and possibilities. You can even consider how your organization might be affected once the lockdown is over.

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6. Keep communication flowing

Your stakeholders and clients will be worried about how the current situation might be affecting your business.

It’s essential to keep communicating with your community and informing them of how your business is being affected or not by this crisis.

Use emails, Social Media, telephone and video calls, as well as traditional mailing to keep them informed and protected from the virus.

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