Brands and consumers trust print more than digital

Brands and consumers trust print more than digital

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A new research by The Joint Industry Committee’s revealed that brands and consumers are going back to print.

The research found that 56% of people believe printed marketing is the most reliable form of communication.

One of its benefits is that people can touch it and interact with it, taking it whenever they desire.

Consumers gain a deeper understanding when reading print. 

A Toluna survey discovered that most people believe they get a better understanding from print media (65%).

Consumers also trust more the stories they read in printed newspapers (51%) than those found on social media (24%), due to the “fake news” trend.

Consumers respond to print marketing and advertising. 

The survey also revealed that most people (52%) prefer to read product catalogues in print. Personally-addressed advertising mail is well-received by 45% of the interviewed.

Consumers also admitted to consuming information from printed leaflets and mail (56%) more often than marketing email (49%).