Communicate with Direct Mail.

Communicate with Direct Mail.

Communicate your message to your audience in a personal level with Direct Mail.

Identifying your target market is crucial to growing a business. Knowing who your market allows you to understand their needs and how you can provide a solution to those needs. Direct Mail helps you to personalise your audience’s experience, offering them specific solutions to their needs.

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail achieves 4.4 per cent response rate while email gets 0.12 per cent. At Azure, we can help you communicate with your audience directly with our comprehensive direct mail marketing services. This type of marketing stays relevant because it contributes to higher brand recall.


Capturing Your Audience’s Interest

Your direct mail marketing can generate more responses if your materials grab your audience’s attention within eight seconds, which means using eye-catching images and creativity is essential to help you to communicate your message.

Using larger envelopes, unique images and bright colours can help gain attention because the brain processes images faster than text. Make sure that your headline is in a large, easy-to-read font that drives attention. 

By creating a unique Call to Action or a creative piece, you increase your chances of having your material shared and kept by your audience. 


Quality is essential

The DMA survey explains advances in printing quality and creative use of envelopes contribute to the popularity of direct mail marketing. You should invest in quality materials to enhance the experience of your target customers. Mail marketing requires more interactions compared to opening an email, so you have to make it worthwhile for the consumers. 

Paper Ads and Direct Mail

True Impact, a Canadian neuromarketing firm compared the effects of direct mail marketing with digital media, such as email and display ads, for brand recall. Their research discovered that direct mail was easier to process and provided better brand recall than digital media


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Our team can assist you in creating direct mail campaigns that generate responses. Our services focus on customer acquisition, retention and other opportunities. We dedicate time to understand your goals and provide suggestions to improve your design, print and production elements to maximise your ROI. Contact us today, and let us tailor a cost-effective mail marketing solution for your business.