Create an Impactful Annual Report

Create an Impactful Annual Report

A great annual report is the perfect opportunity to share information about your organisation and promote your brand and identity.

Your annual report is an opportunity to be transparent about your finances and make a showcase your brand. It also allows you to engage with many different audiences, including:

  • Stakeholders/shareholders
  • Employees
  • Potential employees
  • Industry colleagues and competitors
  • General public

The contents in an annual report may vary by industry, but usually contain the following:

  • CEO’s letter
  • Business Profile
  • Management’s analysis
  • Financial statements

Tips to Create a Great Annual Report

Demonstrate Impact

Annual Report

An annual report is an opportunity to emphasize your achievements, build trust in your organization, and demonstrate to your stakeholders your success.

Share your mission. 

Your mission, vision, and values guide your organisation in all that you do. By educating your audience about this, you can help to create a connection between yourself and them.

Introduce your leadership and other team members.

Use Graphs and Infographics

Annual reports generally contain a lot of complex data. You should make this data easy to understand by using graphs and infographic elements, such as charts, timelines and illustrations.

Just make sure that all your graphic elements have a consistent design and respect your brand guidelines.

Use Space Wisely

Annual Report.

White space or negative space is the space between the layouts, lines of paragraphs, between paragraphs, and graphic elements.

Research has shown that use of white space between paragraphs and in the left and right margins increases comprehension by almost 20%. (Lin, 2004).

Create a clear type hierarchy

You can create a hierarchy by altering the size, weight, and placement of various elements. Headings should be larger than subheadings, key figures should be bolder than the general body text, chart captions should be small and light, for example.

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