Cross-media is the future of marketing

Cross-media is the future of marketing

As technology advances, our lives are becoming more and more intertwined with it. Now, consumers expect to be able to purchase what they want, when they want, how they want.
Consumers now move easily between multiple channels, wherever they are. Which is why businesses must too.

What is it?

Cross-media integrates websites, emails, social media, and physical locations to show personalized offers, products, and messages. This allows you to be wherever your audience is and get in touch with them regardless of the channel or device they are using to communicate or get information.

Cross-media marketing strategies

How does a cross-media strategy work in E-commerce?

According to research by Omnisend, companies using three channels or more in their campaigns had 18.96% engagement, compared to those using single-channel campaigns who only received 5.4%.
When compared between single-channel and cross-media campaigns, those using three channels or more earned a 250% higher purchase rate.

Cross-media marketing increases purchase rate by 250% .

Not only did customers purchased more often in a cross-media campaign, they often spent more when they did. Customers spent on average 13% more when engaged through a multiple-channel campaign than those engaging with single-channel campaigns.
Brand loyalty also increases when using multiple-channel campaigns. Customers appreciate the level of personalization offered by those, which increases the retention rate by 90%.

How can I benefit from cross-media marketing?

Brands using cross-media strategies are getting more consumers and purchases.
By understanding your clients and the way they interact with your brand, you can build brand recognition and trust in the mind of the consumer across each of their favourite channels.
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