Direct Mail 101: Design Your Mail piece

Direct Mail 101: Design Your Mail piece

An effective design guides your audience through your mail piece and delivers your message in a visually appealing way.

Great design also follows your brand standards and helps you create a cohesive brand identity.

Follow our tips to design your mail piece:


Organizing your Copy

There are many key elements that typically appear on a direct mail piece. These include but are not limited to:


To ensure your design helps your audience to understand your message, the headline should always be in a larger size than your subheadings and supporting text.

At the same, your offer and Call to Action (CTA) need to stand out as they’re the most important parts of your mail piece.

Choosing your Fonts

When designing your piece, you should take special attention to the fonts you choose, as they can help or hinder the understanding of your piece.

Stick to one or two fonts.  You need to ensure your piece is easily scannable and people are able to identify between your headers and supporting text.

Make sure it’s easy to read. In most cases, you should select a sans serif font, like Arial for your mail piece. Sans serif fonts are easier for readers to scan and quickly understand your message.


Vary font size to add visual interest. By using different sizes, you help your audience to identify the most important parts of your message.

Choosing your colours

Give preference to using your brand’s colours. Signature colours increase brand recognition by up to 80%. It’s also important to pick a colour scheme that makes sense to your audience. For example, 42% of people say that blue is their favourite colour and associate it with trust and reliability.

Read more about colours here.

Utilize White Space

White space is the empty area between the different elements of your design. White space helps to emphasize the most important parts of your piece, while also keeping your ad from looking cluttered and overcrowded.

Poor use of White Space
Good use of White Space

Choose Imagery Wisely

When choosing the images to illustrate your piece, you need to follow some rules of thumb.

Give preference to pictures with people in it. Photos of people using your product or service help prospects understand how your offerings can improve their lives.

Use high-resolution images. A high-resolution image shows a lot of detail, looking professional and high quality. On the other hand, low-resolution images are often blurry and look unprofessional.

Avoid backgrounds that are busy. A background that has a lot of information can distract your audience from your message.


Don’t put text on top of images. By overlaying your image with text, you can make your mail piece harder to read.

Personalise your mail piece

Personalised text and images which matches the recipient’s demographic or customer profile, help your audience to identify and connect with your brand and offer.


Use Customizable Templates

Azure Communications offers you a unique and personalised web portal solution, which allows you to use templates to create your mail pieces and printed collateral.


Talk to our team to discover how our Digital Assets Management solution can help your company to save money and time, keep a consistent brand image throughout your network and control your valuable assets all in one place.

Proof Your Direct Mail Design

Proof the Piece Yourself

Ask yourself some important questions:

  • Does the overall design of your ad flow and make sense?
  • Are there any places where the text is unclear or confusing?
  • Is your main point easily understandable?
  • Are there any typing or grammar mistakes?

You should also always verify your contact information and tracking tools. Ensure your phone numbers, QR codes, and URLs are working and the audience is going to be directed to where you want them to. 

Have Others Proof Your Design

Ask others who proof your piece the following questions:

  • What do you understand from this piece?
  • Is the ad visually appealing?
  • Is there anything on the piece that’s difficult to understand?

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