Direct Mail 101: Establishing Objectives and Goals

Direct Mail 101: Establishing Objectives and Goals

Before you can send out your direct mail campaign, you need to think about what you would like to accomplish from this campaign.

Set Measurable Goals

Every time your company starts a new direct mail campaign, you should define how you are going to measure its success.

You may choose to establish KPIs (“key performance indicators”) before launching your new campaign. By defining your KPI’s, you identify the metrics and outcomes that are the most important to look at when analysing the campaign’s results.


Make sure that your goals are measurable. So you could choose objectives like “increase website visits by 15%” or “acquire 50 new leads”.

Possible goals for a Direct Mail Campaign

Build Awareness

Direct Mail 101:  Establishing Objectives and Goals

You want the people in your target market to become familiar with your brand, your business, and solutions. According to recent research, consumers who received direct mail offers were able to recall the brand 75% of the time. For the digital versions, the brand was remembered only 44% of the time.

Communicate New Information


You could also send a direct mail campaign to keep your community informed. You can send a mail piece to communicate announcements or new information about your business; or to update existing customers on an important development.

Drive Leads

To achieve lead acquisition goals, it is imperative that you precisely target the right people with the right message. Indicate the primary benefit or benefits that matter most to a segmented market.

A recent survey, reported that direct mail has a 9% response rate for house list (previous and current customers), while email, paid search, and social media have only a 1% response rate in total.

MediumCost per Lead / Order
Direct mail  (letter sized)€43,18
Pay per Click€44.17
Print Advertising€50.83
Source: DMA, 2012 Response Rate Report

Up-sell or cross-sell products or services.

Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more, on average, when compared to new customers.

Sending personalised direct mail to current customers can increase interest in your brand and enable you to engage them in different products and services.

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