Direct Mail improves Donor Retention

Direct Mail improves Donor Retention

Direct mail has been successfully used by non-profit organizations to raise money from donors.

What Is Donor Retention?

Donor retention is the percentage of donors that return to give another gift within a specific time period. 

According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ 2018 report, only about half of new donors are retained by nonprofits

Why Is Donor Retention Important?

Donor Acquisition Costs Are High

Donor acquisition cost is the price you pay to convince a potential donor to make a gift to your organization

Potential for Larger Gift Amounts:

The 2015 FEP found a direct correlation between retention and gift size. Returning donors of gifts less than $100 were retained at 53% while retention was 76% for those gifting $250 or more. This could mean that as your non-profit grows along with your donor, their gifts are likely to increase over time.

Why Donors Stop Giving

A study called “Managing Donor Defection,” discovered that aside from death and financial difficulties, the reasons for donors lapsing could be preventable.

Donors tended to lapse due to poor communication from the non-profit. Some supporters believed the non-profit no longer needed their help while others never felt appreciated by the organization. 

How to improve your Donor Retention rate?

According to Bloomerang, a donor that gives again within the first 3 months has 2x more lifetime value than a donor that gives a year later.

Personalize Their Giving Experience

Show your donors how much they matter to your organization by speaking directly to them.

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How to Use Personalised Data:

Use their Name: Use your donors’ first name so that you are using a conversational tone.

Past Donation History: Use what you know about each donor to personalize their offer. If they made a donation previously, note that donation amount and ask if they can help with an increased amount this year.

Inspire Through Education

Keep donors informed about WHY their gift matters.

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  • Share stories about those impacted by your organization’s work
  • Use powerful imagery to educate your donors on you cause.
  • Include information in your communications that is relevant and useful for your supporters. If your donor thinks your content is of use, they’re more likely to share it with others.

Thank Your Donors Immediately & Often

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According to research, 65% of first-time donors don’t make a second gift – and 13% of those donors say receiving a “thank you” message could convince them to make a second donation. 

Add a personal touch to your donor retention strategy by sending them a thank you letter. It’s important to include a short message from the president of your organization or another member with their signature and photo. You can also use this letter to reiterate how their donation will help your cause and other people.

Use an Omnichannel Approach

Multi-channel and Omnichannel fundraising is a strategy used by non-profits to advertise their fundraising campaign to a large number of people through the use of multiple communication and fundraising channels. This strategy’s objective is to reach various donor segments, ideally, at multiple touch points.

An omnichannel approach including direct mail, email, telephone, and social media can generate a 20% increase in the number of gifts.

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You can ask for donations:

  • Via email
  • On social media
  • In person
  • With direct mail
  • Over the phone

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