Direct mail sees record interactions during lockdown

Direct mail sees record interactions during lockdown

According to recent Royal Mail research, spending more time at home during lockdown has led to a steady rise in the amount of engagement customers give to physical mail.


The average piece of direct mail interacted 4.58 times in Q2 2020. Door drops also saw record levels of consumer engagement, with the average piece being interacted with 3.19 times, equivalent to 15% year-on-year growth.

Also in Q3 2020, there was a 33% growth in web visits attributed to ad mail.


Mail Makes Social Media More Memorable

In a recent research by the Royal Mail, the brain response to the same social media ads was very different from those who first saw the same ad in mail form. Social ads attracted less visual attention – but were more strongly (by 44%) imprinted in people’s memory.

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Neuro-Insight, 2018

According to An Post, two-thirds of Irish people say they enjoy receiving post. And almost 90%, read their addressed mail.

How Direct Mail Adapted to the Crisis


Choose your imagery carefully. Avoid images of people in big groups, touching, or at events.



You should mention any changes you have made, such as business hours, health & safety procedures and others. You can also show how your product or service can help your customers.

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