How to Improve Your End of Year Sale with Direct Mail

How to Improve Your End of Year Sale with Direct Mail

Preparation is one of the most important things when it comes to sending a direct mail campaign for the end of the year.

Set the Right Mood with Seasonal Colours 

Selecting the right colour schemes and palettes can help create an emotional response from customers.  

Orange and black immediately remind people of Halloween, while a mix of orange and brown gives more a general autumn feel.

For winter you can keep your palette in white and blues or go for red and green when wanting to give a more Christmas feel to your mail piece.

Send your mail piece before Your Competitors

A study on behalf of PwC Ireland shows that the average expenditure over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period in Ireland will be €251 per consumer.

Your direct mail campaign for end of year sales should reflect an urgency to redeem the offers on that time period.

End of Year Sale

The best way to get your audience to visit your online or physical store is to make your direct mail piece something that can be used to redeem a discount. This will give people extra incentive to visit your business and help to organise their shopping trip.

Help Customers Look Ahead to Next Year

2020 was a rough year. A smart strategy to help your customers and prospects to plan for 2021, could be to mail a printed calendar to them. Even in the current digital age, nearly 30 percent of people still rely on paper planners and calendars to organize their days and manage time. 

End of Year Sale

Calendars are a cost-effective marketing tool that can be completely customised and branded with your business information.  Your customers will be able to see your business name and logo every time they look at your calendars, which helps to make you the first company that comes to mind when they need what you sell.

Use technology

Add a QR code to your mail piece

QR codes can be easily scanned with a smartphone, taking your audience to a related app or website.

Incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) in your design

With AR, you can transform a piece of mail into an interactive experience.

End of Year Sale

Add a PURL to your direct mail 

A PURL is a personalized URL that features the recipient’s name in the link and leads them to a personalized landing page.

End of Year Sale

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