How to make your flyers stand out?

How to make your flyers stand out?

Flyers are perfect for getting a simple message across, one that might be time-bound such as a product offer or branch opening. Here’s how to make your flyers work for you:

Attention grabbing – The overall design, colours, the images or graphics need to be bold and to capture the essence of the message you are trying to get across.


Solve a problem – Make it clear how the offering will help the customer.

Get to the point – Try and get your message across in as few words as possible.


Call to action – Ask them to do something and always include your contact details.

Focus on the USPs – Let your audience know that you can provide them with something new, or a better product or service than your competitors can.

Target your distribution


Geographic targeting. You can target specific areas that are more likely to benefit from your services. You can choose the eircodes, cities, streets, or even estates to distribute your flyers.

Demographic targeting.  Target your audience by their characteristics. If you have a creche, target areas and households with more children. The idea is to give flyers only to the people who actually benefit from your message, so your flyer has a higher chance of success.

Learn more about flyer and leaflet marketing distribution here.

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