Retail Sector

Increasing competition within the retail sector, has necessitated many innovative and successful multi-product campaigns. We have been the print and marketing solution supplier for many of Ireland’s major retail groups, for a number of years.

The very nature of promotion campaigns in the retail sector, requires considerable organisation from design through to administration and production, while at the same time ensuring that brand integrity is maintained.

By providing a front end auto artwork and storefront  solution, we can drive greater value for you and your promotion campaigns, while also ensuring increased speed to market.

Customer Case Study

Azure Communications retail client has over 200 stores throughout Ireland and all branches share a central marketing function.

Their central marketing office, worked with a number of companies, in providing products and services, include POS material and collateral, direct mail, in-store signage, in-store catalogues and business stationary.

Customer’s goals

The client’s budget for design, marketing, and print media products, was coming under significant pressure with ever increasing costs. The customer had little or no control over their artwork or marketing spend, on an annual basis.

There was a total lack of consistency across their brand, with various agencies and print suppliers involved in the process. Brand guidelines were not adhered to and many errors were being made during the production process.

A solution was required to gain control of the costs, and restore brand integrity.

Azure Communications Delivery

Azure addressed and delivered on all of our customer's goals.

Azure used an online artwork creation tool linked to an image bank allowing the marketing department auto create all POS from a streamed CSV file without the requirement for a designer. Our customer’s retail end users also have the capability to log on through a secure web based portal, personalise and order their unique printed products for their outlet.

The brand integrity was restored through central management, of one designer in their Head Office.

This reduced significant design, agency and print costs, as everything was now brought under the control of one provider.