Online CHY3 Form

Our GDPR compliant online CHY3 form allows your donors to keep helping your charity after their donation.

As a supply member of Charities Institute Ireland and a trusted partner to more than 30 Irish Charities, Azure Communications is one of Ireland’s leading providers of printing, mailing, and marketing solutions.

How it works

Donors can fill, check and e-sign CHY3 forms online, without the need to print and post them back to you.

Our on-line offering creates a fully personalised landing page with your Charity’s branding. Donors are personally greeted on this landing page and the service fully explained.

The online CHY3 form can be filled and signed by donors from the comfort and safety of their homes. They just need to follow some easy steps:

CHY3 Form
  • Open an internet browser window
  • Type in their Personal Web Address
  • Type in their unique password in the PASSWORD button
  • Click on the Complete Your Form button at the bottom
  • Check all their details are correct – they can edit if not
  • Add in their PPS number and any missing details
  • Click on the ‘click here for signature’ button
  • Sign their name using their mouse, finger, stylus or upload an image of it
  • Press Submit – they’re all done! You’ll receive their form immediately!

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