Transactional Print

Transactional documents like bills of lading and shipping tickets are the backbone of a business’ financial structure.

What Is Transactional Printing?

Transactional printing solutions (i.e. variable data Printing or electronic forms) add versatility to your business documents without the limitations of the applications that created them.

What Does It Do?

The output data from your business applications is automatically modified for printing on plain paper. It’s simple. The original data format is digitally mapped to the electronic format. In the end, your business forms are printed in the same way you are used to, only with enhanced functionality and less cost to you.

Add Barcodes

Your business forms often carry numbers such as invoice numbers or purchase order numbers. These numbers can be converted to barcodes and integrated into your existing barcode applications or simplified for scanning into the document management system.

Print to Multiple Locations

Business forms can be printed at the destination level where needed without having to worry about manually distributing them, thus eliminating the need for multi-part forms or the old, slow dot matrix printer. For example, a customer’s copy will print in the main office while a duplicate is simultaneously printing in the shipping department. Another duplicate may be also printing in the accounting department at the same time.

Add Colour

Outbound business documents such as invoices can benefit from a bit of colour. Studies show that colourful, eye-catching invoices get paid faster. Moreover, you can also add marketing messages to promote more sales from your existing customer base.

Make Changes to Your Form Layout

Output from most business applications is both difficult to change and costly. However, our transactional printing solutions allow changes (i.e. layout, logo, address, font, etc.) to be made quickly and easily using a simple forms design interface.

Keep a Digital Copy

Documents printed using our transactional printing system can be stored digitally in various formats including the common PDF format by Adobe Acrobat. Combined with our document management system, search and retrieval of the digital copies of your important documents is done effortlessly.

Eliminate Pre-Printed Forms Waste

Pre-printed business forms account for billions of euro’s in printing and paper costs every year. Unfortunately, many of these forms become obsolete prematurely and are tossed in the recycle bins. Transactional printing eliminates that problem by using plain paper and printing forms only as needed, reducing pre-printed forms waste.

ISO 27001 Information and Security Management System

Our ISO 27001 Information and Security Management System accreditation assures our customers that their data security requirements are being met at all times.

We treat information security as a priority in our business and can demonstrate reliability and trust around the management of your data. We have the ability to reassure stakeholders that a best practice system is in place.

The commitment to information security is shown at all levels throughout our organisation through a robust training system in place for all personnel.