Interactive mail

Interactive mail can deliver real-time results from a DM campaign through the use of Personalised URL’s, with accurate and instant feedback on campaign performance while at the same time building a database generating warm & qualified leads with your prospects needs and preferences.

Benefits of interactive mail

  • Higher ROI
    Interactive Mail enables you to integrate sales & marketing communications to achieve greater ROI.
  • Greater Customer Insight
    By analysing what messages customers respond to you can gain a greater understanding of what customers want and need.
  • Enhanced Data Collection
    By using secure, unique, personalised websites, this enables you to gather data about each individual customer.
  • Targeted Messaging
    You can utilise what you learn about your customer to create specialised mail pieces and websites with relevant messages for each customer.
  • Real time Results Tracking
    This will allow the sales team to follow up on any leads from the Interactive Mail campaign. It also allows for a thorough market analysis of which messages customers respond to and vice versa. This ensures that each time a new campaign is launched, it is refined and tailored to the customers to allow for continued and ongoing success with Interactive Mail.

Applications of interactive mail

  • Generate warm qualified sales leads, direct to sales team or call centre in real time
  • Cross sell other products and services to existing clients
  • Generate foot fall at an upcoming event/conference
  • Survey your customers
  • Create permission based email and sms databases
  • Client Dashboard: The Dashboard gives you real time information about your campaign, who has visited, when, survey results everything you need to know at your fingertips