Virtual Reality

In Virtual Reality (VR) you are fully immersed in real or fictional worlds that you can explore, touch and interact with.

VR is all about “immersion”, creating a better emotional connection between your company and the audience.

Benefits of virtual reality

  • It’s unique : VR offers your customers an entirely unique experience with your brand, forming a deeper connection between you both.
  • It’s immersive – you have your audience’s full attention while they are interacting with your message.
  • It’s memorable- Consumers are more likely to remember your brand and spread the world

How to Implement VR In Your Marketing Strategy

As your message becomes more tangible with VR, engagement increases. The North Face, for example,  offered their shoppers an opportunity to hike through Yosemite National Park, forging an emotional connection with its customers .

Another great example of the use of VR is the IKEA Virtual Store that allows customers to explore its stores at any time and buy products without leaving their homes.

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