COVID-19: Outsourcing your printing and mailing to keep the office running

COVID-19: Outsourcing your printing and mailing to keep the office running

There are many benefits to outsourcing your printing and mailing production.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many employees are seeing themselves having to work from home, without the facilities, comforts and help of their colleagues.

Many companies and organizations have started to outsource their printing and mailing in order to keep the office running, while keeping their staff safe at home.

By using our solution, you allow your staff to add documents and collateral to a secure file. These will then be printed, mailed or delivered by our highly-trained professionals, with no delays or interruption.


What are the benefits of outsourcing your print and mailing?

Businesses in every industry work hard to increase profits. As well as increasing their customer base, most companies focus on reducing costs, lowering risks, and increasing efficiency. One proven method for accomplishing all this is to outsource print and mail. 

For businesses using multiple print suppliers though, effectively managing this while maintaining quality can have negative effects on time and budgets. By using Azure’s one-stop-shop solution you will simplify your supply chain, save money, and delegate responsibility to print experts, allowing you to focus on your business targets and success.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing your Print and Mailing.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Most companies outsource their print or mailing to reduce expenses. Handling these tasks in-house can be very costly in both equipment and personnel requirements. 


Outsourcing your print and mailing ensures there a more cost effective solution, allowing you to invest in areas of your business that maximise growth and profit.

2. Industry Expertise

Azure’s expertise lies in identifying the perfect solution to meet your printing and mailing needs.

Decisions about paper types, printing methods and couriers are done by specialists with in-depth, industry knowledge, which is an invaluable addition to your operation.

This expertise can save your business time and money, and also provides you with experienced professionals on hand to answer any questions you have about better print and mailing management.

3. Time efficient

Managing print internally can take up a lot of time, resources and personnel. Print management companies are able to centralise every part of the printing and mailing process in one place.

This means you can start saving time with your printing, storage and distribution, and avoid delays in processes and operation.

4. Accurate Reporting and Stock Management

Through centralised print management, you have accurate reporting and stock management data at your fingertips.  This avoids unnecessary purchases, loss of material and collaterals, as well as gives you a better understanding of your business and needs.

5. Reduced Environmental Impact

For many companies and industries improving sustainability in their supply chain is a key requirement.

Outsourcing your print management helps your business to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. The outsourcing process can identify how to cut down on paper usage or wastage and improve recycling of material. Our experts are also able to help you to think of solutions to make your printing needs more sustainable, such as the use of FSC paper and eco-friendly ink.

6. Industry Leading Technology

The highest quality product is produced by the best technology. Outsourcing your print and mailing management gives you access to professional printing equipment and quality.

A leading print management company is also able to provide a cloud-based system for ordering your print, tracking stock, and managing all assets centrally. Check our Digital Assets Management solution to learn more about this.

7. Reduce Risk

Another concern when dealing with print and mailing is dealing with sensitive customer data. With GDPR regulations, companies need to ensure their data is secure and that they have plans in case of data breach.

Azure Communications’ solutions eliminate the need to contract multiple outside parties to accomplish business goals because it’s a one-stop-shop solution. Our customers gain the advantage of reduced costs and, most importantly, reduced errors and risks.


With document outsourcing and our full-service print and mail services, businesses can optimize their business operations and focus on their core competencies — doing what they do best. Contact us now at or call (0)1 531 2695 and discover how our solutions can help you.