Reasons to use Postcards in Marketing

Reasons to use Postcards in Marketing

Businesses can use postcard marketing to create great effect, spreading a cost effective message far and wide. Here are some of the main reasons to use postcards in your marketing mix:

1- Instant impact

Postcards don’t need opening to be read, your recipient will see your message just by picking up the mail.

2- High visibility

Use strong branding and visuals to create something people will want to keep hold of.

3- Attention grabbing messages

Keep it short and snappy so you catch their attention. Avoid long sentences that test concentration.

4 – Cost effective

Postcards are cheaper to print and less time consuming to process than traditional enveloped mail outs

5 – Simple design

Focus on your branding and visuals over copy for an eye-catching design.

6- Drive traffic online

You can reach out to people to engage new followers with offers and competitions if they go to your website or Social Media pages.


7- They have a high response rate

The Direct Marketer’s Association puts a typical postcard response rate at 4.25%, several times better than any digital channel. Even with all digital channels combined, the total response rate is only a mere 0.62%, much lower than typical postcard rates.

8- Informative reminders

You can use them to pass useful information like event dates, process guides or important contacts. This will encourage them to pin the card to the board or on the fridge as a reminder. You can even make the card a ticket or discount to be redeemed in store.


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