Reopening: connect with customers using Direct Mail

Reopening: connect with customers using Direct Mail

Is your organisation preparing for reopening and reconnecting with customers?

With the support of Azure Communications, now is the perfect time to do so with direct mail.

In order to cut through the digital noise, many organisations across different industries are now using direct mail and door drops as a way of  keeping in-touch with customers, delivering offers, and attracting a new public.

With the DMA recently reporting that 51% of emails are deleted immediately, while on average, people keep door drops for 38 days, we can see that direct mail delivers a big Return on Investment (ROI).


This habit towards mail can increase brand amplification across the household.  A study from JICMAIL revealed that the average piece of direct mail is not just seen by the person it’s addressed to. It is shared within the recipient’s household and typically reaches 1.13 people, giving it an additional reach of 13%.

At 9% (house list) and 5% (prospect list), direct mail response rates are nine times and five times higher than that of email, paid search and social media respectively.

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