Save time and money by outsourcing

Save time and money by outsourcing

Outsourcing print and mail means handing off the production and delivery of statements, bills, letters and other documents to an outsourced print and mail provider like Azure Communications.

According to the National Association of Purchasing Managers, print and its related costs: production, warehousing, distribution, technology, and security is the second biggest opportunity for businesses to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Print and Mail

It saves you money


Companies outsourcing their print and mailing can expect average savings of between 15-30% in overall costs.

It’s better for the environment


Up to 25% of the print materials an average business produces will either end up destroyed due to obsolescence or be used despite containing out-of-date information. By having clear figures of your stock, your business has the power to reduce waste and consequently promote a more sustainable approach to printing.

By outsourcing your printing, you can reduce  your total carbon emissions by up to 60%.

Reduce Risk


Another concern when dealing with print-mail production and fulfilment is dealing with sensitive customer data. By outsourcing these processes to a specialised company, you have the guarantee of their Data Protection and risk management procedures.

Increase Efficiency

Using a print and mail specialist gives you access to advanced technology, commercial equipment, trained operators, and expert knowledge of the industry, offering  you an important competitive advantage. Additionally, using an experienced print and mail outsource company will ensure consistency, accountability, and high-quality work every time.


Choose the product you need, set the quantity, select the delivery addresses, and choose the delivery method, and your print management company will take care of the rest. The outsourced method makes distribution more reliable, so you don’t need to worry about your documents not arriving on time or being delivered to the wrong people.

Data Cleansing and Enhancement


Customer’s personal data can often be out of date. A mailing house can ensure data is constantly cleansed as well as preventing duplicates and mailings being sent to outdated addresses or addresses with errors.

Keep your staff safe


Many companies and organizations have started to outsource their printing and mailing in order to keep the office running, while keeping their staff safe at home.

By using our solution, you allow your staff to add documents and collateral to a secure file. These will then be printed, mailed or delivered by our highly-trained professionals, with no delays or interruption.

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