Reduce costs by using Self-mailers

Reduce costs by using Self-mailers

A self mailer is a direct mail piece that does not need an envelope. They can build brand awareness and send reminders to customers or clients. It is simple and easy to read and handle. It can be sent to both cold leads and to existing customers and a large audience.

Self mailers are more visually appealing than a plain letter and they can be fully personalised or not.

Most self-mailers are created from a single piece of durable paper or cardstock, which is folded and secured with adhesive tabs or glue spots to keep it tightly closed on all edges, so it can be sent in the post. Common folding configurations include the bi-fold, tri-fold, and four-panel fold.


What are the benefits?

They are flexible.

Self-mailers can be of many different formats, such as a single sheet of letter stock paper folded in half or an intricate large sheet of stock folded in attractive ways.

You can also add a tear off coupon, an order form and a BRE all in one sheet.

They are cost-effective

Because you won’t need to design a mailing envelope, letter and brochure, you will be saving on artwork. Also, as they are generally mailed as a single sheet, they are cheaper to print, are easier to put together.

They offer great design options

Since self mailers are folded multiple times they create panels or sections; which can group information in a manner that is easy to follow and understand for the reader.

They make an impact

Self-mailers offer a great opportunity to use attention-grabbing visuals, which are seen immediately. Data shows 90 percent of the information processed by the human brain is visual and it processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Great for B2C Businesses

Self-mailers are best used in business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing to remind customers about events, provide coupons, promote sales, or have clients take a specific action such as call a phone number or visit a website.

They work great with technology technology to your direct mail increases its response rate. You can choose between adding AR (Augmented Reality), QR codes, PURLs (Personalised URLs) and much more.

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