Has someone stolen your customers?

Has someone stolen your customers?

In every business across all industries we know it can be tough to win new customers. And that’s just part of the problem because once you get customers you’ve then go to hold on to them.

So who’s been stealing your customers? And how can you win them back?

5 quick steps to win-back your customers:

1. Talk to them.

Yes WE KNOW this is obvious. But honestly, have you tried talking to your customers? The art of that little thing known as communication. It’s important. And it’s a two-way thing. It’s not enough to simply send out emails and tick a box. It’s important to listen. Why are your customers leaving? Are they moving to a competitor? Or substituting your product or service for something else. Start to communicate. Really communicate. And understand what the issues are & why people are migrating. When you’re armed with this information you can then start to strategise.

2. Create a Retention Campaign.
We know we don’t need to tell you that it’s much easier & cheaper to retain a customer than it’s to find a new one. So how can you hang on to those you’ve got. Address any dissatisfaction. And reward them for being customers even in just a very small way. E.g. chocolate on valentines day (ahem, we hope you liked this!)

If you can consistently deliver value for your clients they’re much less likely to churn. A lot of our clients are big fans of value-add offerings to retain clients; things like free upgrades to superior products or services that deliver additional value to the customer without costing an arm & a leg.

3. Winback
If you have lost customers, is there anything you can do to win them back? Sometimes when a customer migrates to a competitor they soon realise that the issues they had with you weren’t all that bad. Perhaps you can win them back with an offer / incentive to return.

4. Build brand loyalty
When customers are loyal to your brand they’re much less likely to move to a competitor. Loyalty can take time but it’s totally worth it in the long term. Can you think of a loyalty program you can do? Or can you go the extra mile for your clients all the time which will deliver brand loyalty over time?

5. Acquisition is important, but consistency is key.
Of course, we couldn’t not mention acquisition. No matter how great your products and services are, sometimes we’ve just got to accept that some customers will leave. We all know that clients keep the cogs moving so it’s important to continually fill your funnel with new leads and acquisition. What’s even more important is the consistency with which you perform all of these elements. Consistency is key. The sum of all of these activities when integrated and implemented is much greater than the sum of their equal parts,

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