The best printed advertising materials for your business

The best printed advertising materials for your business

Printed advertising materials are printed pieces that present your company’s products and services. 

Introduce Your Business

Make a good first impression with these advertising materials.

1. Postcards

Small and affordable to print, postcards are versatile printed advertising materials that can be uniquely made for each recipient. Because they don’t require opening an envelope, they can cause an impact on your audience from the moment they receive it in their doors. Read more about the benefits of postcard marketing here.


2. Business Cards

Business cards show you’re prepared and professional and offers an opportunity to make valuable business connections. Business cards are printed advertising that put both you and your brand in front of additional prospects. 

3. Letterhead

Often overlooked as an advertising medium, custom letterhead and envelopes add a sense of legitimacy to your printed communications with customers. Every time someone receives correspondence from you, they’re seeing your brand logo and name, reinforcing your business reputation.


Stay in Touch with Current Customers

4. Cards

Cards can be used in a traditional way, such as during the holiday season or for birthdays. They can also be used as thank you notes after a successful sale or to celebrate anniversaries between your company and the client. Let customers know you appreciate their business and remind them of the benefits of working with you.


5. Newsletters

Newsletters are great ways of keeping your customers and members informed by sharing news, such as product launches, events, promotions, and commemorative dates. Adding non-advertising content, such as articles and guides, helps create a relationship of trust with your consumers.


6. Catalogues

 Delivering product information in a highly visual format, catalogues help consumers see your brand as a part of their lives. 84% of people enjoy getting catalogues from companies they have previously shopped with.

Impress current and prospective partners

7. Folders

Quality folders ensure the documents you present to your customers are safe and organised. Custom presentation folders display your branding and show your company’s professionalism.


8. Brochures

Brochures provide consumers with detailed information about your company – including the goods and services you provide – and allow for in-depth conversations through print.

With several separate sections for product and service information, you can tell a story in a brochure over the course of the layout and end it with a call to action and special deal or discount, which may prompt immediate business.

Easy and affordable, brochures can be useful print advertising options in a variety of situations.


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