The power of personalisation

The power of personalisation

Personalisation gives you the ability to target individual customers using content that’s tailored just for them

In the direct mail world, personalising pieces of mail can generate an ROI of up to 25% more than a general marketing message (Romax, 2018).

Direct marketing personalisation is a customised, targeted printed message aimed at each customer according to their preferences, behaviour and data. 


This personalisation can be by text, images or messages, according to the segmentation group.

Why is personalisation so important?

  • Names are unique identifiers. Our names bring unique responses to our minds, improving communication.
  • Increases focus. By tailoring your message, you guarantee your clients focus on your offer.
  • People tend to like you more. A more personal message brings the impression of a closer relationship.
  • Helps to build loyalty. People tend to choose businesses that remember them and their preferences and provide great customer experience.

How can you personalise your direct marketing communication?

There is a vast range of tailored printed communications that you can use. The five most common practices that can be easily incorporated into your direct marketing campaign to boost your sale are:

1. Sociodemographic personalisation

If you know the gender of your client, age group or relationship status, amongst others, you can create a campaign that more closely matches with them to improve your conversation.

2. Image Personalisation.

By choosing images that better suit your target audience; you can create a bigger impact on your message. That also happens when you incorporate your client’s name into an image.

3. Purchase personalisation

You can use clients historic purchase data to personalise your offerings and message.

If your client bought a pair of your running trainers, why don’t you send a direct mail advertising running accessories? You could send a simple thank you letter that mentions the accessories available; or a coupon allowing them to earn a discount for the running accessories.


4. Income personalisation

This is a subtle but powerful way to personalise a message to increase your customer’s average spend. If you know your client’s purchasing power, you can personalise their offer. 

Data management helps you to predict their income based on their postcode alongside other variables. This information provides you with tools to target your communication at those more likely to connect with your message and offer.

5. Location personalisation

You can tailor your message by dividing your customers into geographical areas. You can also differentiate them between acquisition and retention messages.


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